Visual Communication

This unit could be entitled an introduction to graphic design as it focuses on the sort of ‘art’ images that surround us in our every day world. In some ways it is a lighter project than the preceeding ones but it does aim to build on from the knowledge and skills acquired previously in the Line and Tone and Colour units.

These sheets act as a distinct standalone project although they could be incorporated into a project if so wished. Previously I have used this unit to create graphic symbols for school curriculum areas, creating identifying labels for classroom doors and creating a pictographic map as a group work project. It could be adapted to address 4c of the National Curriculum attainment targets (see below).

Depending on how this project is tackled it could last anywhere between 6 and 8 weeks (1 hour lessons), sheets can be used as either classroom tasks or homework assignments.

Communicating through images and symbols. Looking at the established visual language and how it is ‘read’. Key vocabulary including; Visual, Communicating, Graphics, Graphic Design, Logos, Isometric.

A simpler project in terms of consumerable resources but provides great scope for the introduction of I.C.T. where opportunities exist. General resources could include; fine line pens, colouring media (pens and pencils) and A4 / A3 paper.

This unit provides opportunities for student led assessment, both of their own work but also that of others. Students can prepare presentations to introduce and explain their work and also write questions to address to other students. Students will display a range of approaches to using graphic imagery to inform. They will make effective use of previously studied idea about line, tone and colour.

Depending on how this unit is approached outcomes could consist of a selection of the sheets or an extended project.