This unit introduces the main ideas behind Surrealism as represented by Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte. Using a variety of media and starting points the theory and practice behind surrealist art is explored.

Despite introducing some big themes it is possible to produce a variety of work demonstrating surreal ideas in approximately 6 lessons. The sheets can be used independently or as homework reinforcement of the surrealist unit as a whole.

Surrealism is an artistic idea without an agreed consistent look. Reflecting the stylistically different approaches of Dali and Magritte whilst examining the similiarities in terms of subject matter and ideas. Students explore the theory behind Surrealism and learn about the key ideas that developed it as an artistic ideas.

The usual consumerable items are required along with numerous old magazines and newspapers plus glue and A3 / A2 rough paper for collage and painted work.

Students will produce a painted composition and / or a collage based upon surrealist ideas. Students will develop an appreciation of the concept of surrealism and how an image can be created to reflect the style and the ideas behind it.