Pattern & Texture

The final core element unit looks at pattern and texture in art. Again, sheets can be used as standalone exercises to support existing projects or can form the basis of a more involved unit of work. Sheets look at a variety of pattern and texture practical, theoretical and contextual ideas including; mark making, negative and positive shapes, cave drawings, Optical art etc.

6 - 8 lessons although could be adapted according to suit.

Pattern and texture are combined into one project to allow further development of practical skills and a continuation of theoretical ideas being introduced to students who may previously have studied art without such issues being examined.

Consumerables; Small lino blocks, A4 / A3 paper, A1 / A0 sugar paper (variety of colours) for printing, printing inks (water based), general equipment including a selection of coloured media.
Non-Consumerables; lino printing rollers, large palletes for inking, lino cutting tools including wooden blocks to aid safe cutting of the lino.

Assessment can include student led assessment both of their own and others work. Students can assess work using the criteria used when setting the brief. Differentiation by outcome, more able students will produce more sophisticated designs and even make multiple cuts to include additional colours over printed onto the design.

Sketchbook of ideas including work produced in response to the set sheets. Final project work could include a large sample section of wallpaper showing repeating patterns in one or more colours.