This unit aims to bring together and consildate much of what has already been studied in the four previous units. It is not wholly dependent on students having had previously studied those units but their previous study should be referenced wherever possible. For this unit students are set a clear brief and then work through a series of processes leading up to the development of a final piece of work. Students should be encouraged to use observational drawing as a tool for preparing ideas.

Depending on level of investigation and preparation undertaken anywhere between 6 and 8 lessons. Some of the sheets can be used as standalone exercises or used to reinforce learning as part of the project as a whole either as homework or as part of the lesson.

The role of art and design in everyday life, how artists work in a commercial environment to produce work that is used for packaging and advertising.

Consumerables to include; coloured media including pen, pencil and paint, fine line pens, A4 / A3 paper, tracing paper, rulers, compasses and other ‘office’ items as necessary. Observational drawing items to include items of fruit (if following the same product as specified)

Students can develop self assessment questions for themselves and others, work can be critiqued within small groups and ideas developed and explored using spidergrams etc.

Students will produce a range of observational and imaginative ideas, including work with lettering and logos that will form the basis of a final, assembled drinks carton. Where available this unit provides an opportunity to explore desk top publishing as a means to assemble a completed design using scanners, re-touching software and layout software.