In Blackpool old sofas and armchairs spend their last days in the sunshine. Their last chance for usefulness is outside on the street. Al fresco sitting for shoppers and holiday makers. They stay for a few days but then mysteriously go. Where and who takes them? No-one seems to know and no-one seems to

As the fashions change it is possible to observe what's no longer in vogue. 2020 marked the end for the black leather sets. A leaflet must have been distributed - please change your sofas now, with instructions to leave the non 'on point' offending chairs out on the street for collection by the Feng Shui fashion police. Maybe these sofas, like old Manchester United and Barcelona football shirts find their way to developing African nations? Maybe somewhere in the Congo these chairs find a new lease of life? Wherever they go their owners seem unable to bring themselves to take them to the tip.